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Have WordPress related questions?

Shoot me an email!

I know what is the feeling to have questions and no one to turn to. It can be exhausting, right?

No matter if you are just starting or you have years of experience with WordPress, you can still have questions that needs answering.

Most of the people contact me for the reasons you will see below. Still, if you have a specific question, or you are looking for a partnership opportunity, don’t forget to mention that in the “Contact in regards” field:

  • Need help setting up hosting and/or installing WordPress?
  • Need help installing WordPress theme/plugin or finding one?
  • Seeing errors on your site and don’t know what to do?
  • You have a general question about WordPress?

I reply withing 24 hours (usually faster) to all of the inquiries I receive. If you don’t have domain, leave the field empty.