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Create Unique Contact Forms On Your WordPress – How To Install And Configure CaptainForm Plugin

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress – How to Install and Configure CaptainForm Plugin

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress – How to Install and Configure CaptainForm Plugin

How to encourage more people to contact you?

By placing easy to find and complete contact forms on your website.

Contact forms are the mecca for interaction between your website and the people visiting it. While there are many other points where people can interact with your website (social media, checkouts, comments), the contact form is the place where visitors come to connect with you directly.

Improving your contact form conversation rate will surely make more people contact you, thus, win you more business opportunities and more sales.


WordPress Forms on Steroids with CaptainForm

CaptainForms is one of the newest and coolest WordPress form plugin available on the market. Yes, there are many other similar plugins available, but CaptainForm is much easier to use, better looking and has everything you will ever need from a contact form plugin.

On top of all amazing features, it also has a free version for those who are just getting started or only want beautiful looking forms.

In this guide, I am going to show you how to install and configure CaptainForm plugin, step-by-step.

Before we dive into details, let say a few words about the actual plugin:


CaptainForm – The Superhero of all WordPress Form Plugins

WordPress form plugin

CaptainForm is built from the people behind 123ContactForm, the mother-company founded in 2008 Timisoara, Romania. With more than 8 years of experience, these guys know what are they doing.

The main idea behind the plugin is to help more and more people easily create the forms they’ve always wanted to. CaptainForm plugin was released in November 2015, less than a year ago, but already crushing all other competitors and claiming to become the best WordPress form plugin.

The plugin allows you to built any type of forms and can be integrated flawlessly with all major application, like MailChimp, Stripe, Google Docs and more.


What Type of Forms You Can Create With CaptainFrom Plugin?

Virtually, there are no limitations on what forms you can create with this WordPress plugin. However, to give you some sort of an idea, here are a couple of forms that can be easily built with CaptainForm:

  • Autopopup newsletter forms – Great way to increase your email subscribers.
  • Donation forms – Empower your cause with unique donation forms.
  • Event registration – Make your event even more popular with amazing event registration forms.
  • Booking forms Create and manage reservations with responsive booking forms.
  • Paypal order forms – Accept payments on your WordPress site like a pro.
  • Survey forms, subscription, quizzes, polls and much more.

The plugin is super easy to use and has tons of available options, making it great for people just starting or for agencies looking for ways to ease their job and automate different processes.


How to Install CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

Let’s first start with installing Captain Form.

As I already mentioned, the plugin has a free version which can be easily installed from the backend of your WordPress website. No need to download .zip files on your computer, unless you don’t want to.

Navigate to the admin area of your WordPress website by typing Once you are inside, click on Plugins > Add New > Type CaptainForm in the search bar > Install and activate the plugin:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress

Quite straightforward, right?


Create Your First Form using CaptainForm Plugin

One of the things I really like about this WordPress form plugin are the pre-designed templates. Your own forms can be ready and put live on your website in less than 5 minutes after the successful installation.

Go to the newly appeared menu inside your WordPress admin area, called CaptainForm > New Form:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 1

The next screen will load the available templates. As you can see, you can either start with a blank form and design it the way you want or pick one of the templates and modify it to fit your needs:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 2

Did you saw the little bubble on the button right?

If you need assistance while setting up your contact forms you can easily start a live chat session directly from inside your admin dashboard. I was amazed by the quick response. It took less than 5 seconds to get a reply from Bogdan:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 3

He was really helpful and provided me with great assistance. They really do offer stellar support.

Let’s proceed with setting up our first from:

Navigate to the Blank Form and click on Use template. The next page will load form editor, which will allow you to add different fields and arrange them the way you want. Start by giving your form a title:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 4

  1.  The name on the top left is used for internal purposes. Only you will see this title. It will help you better manage all of your forms.
  2. The title in the middle will be visible on the page where your contact form will be visible. If you don’t want a title, simply remove the text.

Once we decide on the titles, let’s add a couple of fields.

There are two type of tabs inside the form editor: Basic and Advanced. Inside these two tabs, you will find everything you will need to create the perfect form:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 5

To add a field, simply drag and drop from the left to the right side of the page:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 6

To edit a field, click on it, and choose edit field. Again, there is basic and advanced option for to edit:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 7

You can make all sorts of modifications: make a field required, add a label, adjust the field size, add instructions for the person filling the form, specify a minimum or maximum length for the text. Of course, different fields have different options.

The options regarding the name field are quite a lot. You can add title, initials, middle name and etc.:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 8

However, no matter what kind of field you are editing, the whole process is easy and straightforward to follow.

During the time you are making changes, you can always preview them by clicking on the Preview Form button:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 9

So we are sure that the form satisfies our needs.


Configure the Email Notifications

Once ready, click on the Settings on the top right. A drop down menu will appear allowing you to configure different things. Let’s start with the Notifications tab:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 10

The available settings here are arranged in chronological order.

Firstly, you will need to set which will be the email address to receive all submissions from your form. Press the edit button to change the email. Also, you can modify the email header and subject:
Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 11

A couple of other options are available after you set your email. Here are the most important ones:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 12

  • You can add entry ID to help you better manage your entries.
  • Add user information at the end of the message – IP, country, browser.
  • Attach submissions as a PDF file. You can use this option to easily print the gathered information. Keep in mind that this option is only available for paid accounts.
  • Send SMS notifications to your phone. Also, available for paid accounts.


Enable Email Autoresponder

The autoresponder will allow you to send confirmation message to the sender, which can be additionally customized:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 14

  1. Check the box to enable the feature.
  2. Add from name and email.
  3. You can send a copy of the complete form.
  4. This message will be displayed on the page after someone completes the form.
  5. If needed, you can redirect that person to a different page of your website.


Make Your Form Even Cooler with Different Themes

Once ready with the notifications, click on the themes tab to customize the look of your form.

You can either select one of the themes available, or simply modify different aspects of the form. However, before you start you will need to “duplicate” the theme by pressing the button Duplicate:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 15

Making cosmetic changes is really easy. Select a section that you would like to edit, start making changes:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 16


Additional Modifications

CaptainForm is not only super easy to set but also it’s extremely powerful plugin.

By integrating the plugin with applications like MailChimp or Evernote, you can automate a lot of different processes that will save you a lot of valuable time. Things like:


Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 17

  • Importing emails and leads into lists.
  • Add contacts to Google or Yahoo groups.
  • Send tickets to Zend desk account.
  • Send entries to Google drive.
  • Create WordPress posts through submissions.

On top of all that, you can take payments straight throughout your form. How great is that?

Navigate to the fort tab called Payments > Enable the payments by clicking on the checkbox > Choose currency > Payment gateway > Add the requested information:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 18


Always Secure Submissions Thanks to CaptainForm

Placing forms on your website can bring a lot of unwanted spam messages from bots or emails from hackers.

It’s a good thing that we can stop such threats.

The security tab allows you to make modifications which will prevent any spam messages.

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 19

You can:

  • Password protect your form
  • Limit the submissions from a specific IP or the total number.
  • Add smart captcha.
  • Reject submissions from a specific country.
  • Change the visibility of the uploaded files.


Publish Your WordPress Form

Our form is ready. The time has come to place it to our website and collect information from our visitors.

Click on the 3rd step from the contact form building process – Publish. Here we have a couple of options to publish our form to our WordPress site:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 20

  • Shortcode – Copy and paste the shortcode to a specific page or a post.
  • Widget – Add the form inside your widget section. To do so, navigate to Appearance > Widgets > Find the CaptainForm widget.
  • Function call – Copy the code below and paste it into a theme file.
  • Popup – Trigger the form as a popup.

In most of the cases, we are going to use the shortcode option. Copy the shortcode and create a new page (or open your contact us page):

Go to Pages > Add new > Add Title > Paste the code > Publish the page:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 21

This is how your WordPress form will appear live on your website:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 22

Amazing right?

To add the form inside your Widget area, access your Appearance > Widgets > Find the widget CaptainForm and move it inside your sidebar:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 23

If you are going to place forms inside your widget section, I will personally suggest making them shorter. Why? Because they will look better on your site.



CaptainForm has a free version which is suitable for everybody using WordPress and wants to have amazing, easy to configure forms.

However, if you are looking for extended options and unmatched functionality, I will definitely suggest getting one of the premium packages. Let me give you a bit more information about the different pricing options:

Create Unique Contact Forms on Your WordPress 24

  • Always Free – The plans support up to 3 forms, 15 fields, 500 secure entries , 100 MB storage space, SSL encryption and super fast support.
  • Apprentice – $35/year – 1 site license, Unlimited forms, and fields, 5K secured entries, 500MB storage space, Integration with 5 apps and more.
  • Master – $95/year – 3 site licenses, 20K secured entries, 2GB storage, Integration with 14 apps and more.
  • Hero – $195/year – Unlimited site licenses, 100k secured entries, 10GB storage space, Integration with all 24 apps, payment integration and more.

Check all available features for the different plans visiting the official CaptainForm website: CaptainForm Features.


Final Thoughts

No matter what type of WordPress site you are building, you will need to place contact forms on it.

And something like: “Send me and email to” – won’t do the work.

Ease your visitors. Add forms which people will love to fill. Make them beautiful and engaging. And how we can achieve that? By installing a plugin.

From all contact forms plugins I’ve tried so for, CaptainForm is the best choice for the job. It’s super easy, flexible, fast loading and it has a free version to start with.

Download CaptainForm from this link: CaptainForm WordPress Plugin.

Are you using a contact form plugin on your WordPress site? Which one?

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