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Automate Emails & Grow Your List For Free – MailerLite Marketing Tool For Startups

Automate Emails & Grow Your List for Free – MailerLite Marketing Tool for Startups

Automate Emails & Grow Your List for Free – MailerLite Marketing Tool for Startups

After finding email opt-in plugin for your WordPress, do you know what is the next step?

That’s right, signing up for email marketing software to help you collect data and automate your emails.

You probably already heard of different email marketing tools, such as MadMini, MailChimp, GetResponse or others. There are quite a few companies out there.

As much as I like MailChimp, there is a new kid on the block which is allowing you to start for free and pay only when you have enough business to cover the fees. This new player in the email automation business is called MailerLite.

They offer amazing features, outstanding 24/7 support and are green, well at leats the logo.


Send Beautiful Emails With MailerLite Marketing Tool

MailerLite Review

MailerLite was founded by two guys (Ignas and Eimantas) who were running a development agency back in 2005.

After few years and also reading the book ‘Rework’ by Basecamp (that’s what they say on their about page) they founded their own product for email automation. I must say, it’s an amazing new product.


But what does this marketing tool actually do?

Let me add a couple of words about this kind of tools, for those who are just getting started with WordPress.

When people subscribe to your email list, using the opt-in forms on your website, the information has to be stored somewhere. Although, this can be done in an Excel file, for example, the main idea behind services like MailerLite is to automate your work and save you time.

When someone provides his email, the tool can automatically send him a custom welcome email, designed by you, with whatever you want inside. Additionally, you can create campaigns and send bulk emails to all of your subscribers.

These are only a few of the things you can do with MailerLite.

Bottom line – this kind of tool it’s a must for those who take their online business seriously.


MailerLite Marketing Tool Main Features

MailerLite provides tons of things that will save you time and allow you to create amazingly beautiful emails designs. On top of everything, they have forever free account, which is awesome for startup websites.

From 0 to 1000 subscribers you can use all of the perks and pay $0. How can you resist that offer?

But wait!

Let me tell you a bit more about the other features:

  • Drag and drop editor or custom HTML editor – Create fast and simple your email newsletter thanks to these functions.
  • Free newsletter design templates – Pre-designed email templates included to boost your productivity.
  • Built-in photo editing and file manager – Crop, rotate, add effects and store all of your photos.
  • Grow your email list faster – MailerLite rocks! Did I already say that? Besides sending beautiful emails, MailerLite will help you to increase your email list. Create custom landing pages and popups to capture emails, easily.
  • Track your results – Track everything from inside your account.
  • Email autoresponders and RSS campaigns – Create and schedule emails and automatically send new blog posts to your subscribers.


How to Create an Account with MailerLite and Get Started

Creating a brand new account with MailerLite it’s super simple. You only need a working email address.

Go their official website > > On the top right click on Sign up Free:

MailerLite email marketing services

As you will see on the next page, the account you are about to create is forever free, meaning, that if you don’t exceed 1000 subscribers you won’t pay a dime, but still use all of the features.

Even if you pass the 1000 subscribers number, which should be one of your long-term goals, the pricing is quite fair. Only $10/mo for 1001-5000 subscribers. Here you can see the other payment options:

MailerLite email marketing services 15

Let’s get back to creating an account:

MailerLite email marketing services 1

Once you fill the required fields, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard. To start using all of the features, you will need to complete the two steps here. Firstly, click on complete your profile:

MailerLite email marketing services 2

Add your name, company, address, confirm the terms and save to proceed:

MailerLite email marketing services 3

Next, verify your website domain name:

MailerLite email marketing services 4

Add you website URL address:

MailerLite email marketing services 5

You need to verify that you have access to an email address at your website domain name. Add email address you have access to and click Next:

MailerLite email marketing services 6

An email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link inside to complete the process.

One more email will be sent when your account it’s approved by MailerLitte staff (it might take a few hours). It will look something like this:

MailerLite email marketing services 16

You are all set to start creating emails:

MailerLite email marketing services 7

When you go to campaigns, you have a couple of options available:

  • Regular campaign – That will allow you to schedule a campaign or send it immediately.
  • A/B split testing – Allows you to set up two variations of your campaign and send it to a small percentage of total recipients.
  • Auto resend – Resend your campaign to those recipients who didn’t open your first campaign or didn’t click any link.
  • RSS campaign – It’s a great feature when you publish new content. It can be configured to automatically send an email to your subscribers letting them know about your new post.

Let’s create a regular campaign with MailerLite.


How to Create Campaign on MailerLite

On the top, click on campaigns > choose type of campaign > add subject > you can also include the first or last name of the person > add your company name and your email > proceed to the next step:

MailerLite email marketing services 8

You can choose between drag and drop, rich text editor or your own HTML. The drag and drop editor it’s very easy and fun to use, I will go with this option:

MailerLite email marketing services 9

You can even choose one of the pre-designed templates:

MailerLite email marketing services 10

Here is how you working area looks like: On the left your are making all of the changes, on the right are the available elements you can add to your email. Simply drag and drop the ones you want on the left:

On the left your are making all of the changes, on the right are the available elements you can add to your email. Simply drag and drop the ones you want on the left:

MailerLite email marketing services 11

As I previously mentioned, MailerLite comes with a file manager to store all of your files. You can easily create a library of files and edit them as you go.

See how easy it is:

MailerLite email marketing services 12

Add images and edit them:

MailerLite email marketing services 13

I really love the signature element. You can add your picture and a couple of words about yourself:

MailerLite email marketing services 14

Once you are done with all of the changes, click on the corresponding button on the top right. On the next screen, choose a list and proceed:

MailerLite email marketing services 17

Review what you’ve created, send a test email if needed and proceed:

MailerLite email marketing services 18

Finally, choose when to send your campaign. You can send it immediately, or schedule it:

MailerLite email marketing services 19

You are all set. Now you can see how the campaign you’ve created it’s performing:

MailerLite email marketing services 20


Creating RSS Campaign

Before we jump to the next option which will allow you to increase your subscribers, let me tell you why creating an RSS campaign is so important.

When you write a new blog post, it’s a good idea to promote it. And what better way to do this other than sending a link to the people who already subscribed to your list.

RSS campaign will automate this for you.

Create new campaign but this time choose RSS type. Add your RSS feed URL.

What is that?

Simply add – feed – after your domain name. It should look like this:

MailerLite email marketing services 36

The next step will allow you to choose when to send new updates. Even if you publish a new article on Monday, if you set your RSS campaign to send this on Friday, it will be sent on that day:

MailerLite email marketing services 37

You can choose how many posts the email should include:

MailerLite email marketing services 38

You are all set.


How to Import Existing Lists of Emails

That’s easy.

Go to the subscriber’s tab on the top of your dashboard > Add new Group:

MailerLite email marketing services 39

Upload a CSV or TXT file and import the contacts:

MailerLite email marketing services 40

This is a great option if you previously used another email marketing company, simply export the emails from them and import theme to MailerLite.


Create Webforms to Get More Subscribers

I am eager to show you this next option. Increasing your email list takes a lot of time, still, MailerLite has a couple of options that will ease this hard task.

You can create amazing landing pages and popups with great conversion rate.

Click on Webforms > Add new Webform:

MailerLite email marketing services 21

Give it a name:

MailerLite email marketing services 22

Here you can choose from 4 options:

  • Create popup form
  • Landing page
  • Embed form
  • Subscribe button

All of them are really easy to set and will definitely add more subscribers to your list. Here I am going to choose the landing page option:

MailerLite email marketing services 23

Select a subscriber group to add the new emails and select one of the available designs:

MailerLite email marketing services 24

Using the drag and drop editor, create your custom page. Click Done editing when you are all set:

MailerLite email marketing services 25

Now we need to adjust your landing page. The part here it’s a bit tricky. From the drop-down select Add new domain name:

MailerLite email marketing services 29

Your domain name should be a subdomain. Something like or Don’t use www:

MailerLite email marketing services 26

Now you have to link that subdomain name to your server:

MailerLite email marketing services 28

Access your hosting account, more specifically your cPanel advanced DNS zone editor and add a new CNAME record. Like this:

MailerLite email marketing services 27

If you are not quite sure how to add these settings. contact your hosting provider, I am sure they can add these settings for you.

Go back to the previous screen and make sure the page it’s going to be SEO optimized. Add a title and appropriate description. Make sure the checkbox “Allow search engines to index this landing page” is checked. You can also change the default FaceBook page title, text, and picture if needed:

MailerLite email marketing services 30

Our custom landing page is all set. Simply copy and paste the link inside your site to bring traffic and get more subscribers:

MailerLite email marketing services 31


Automate Your Email Marketing with MailerLite

Automating your emails is probably the smartest thing.

It will save you tons of time and it will also help you serve your audience better.

Click on Automation > Create new autoresponder:

MailerLite email marketing services 32

You can choose from 3 different options:

MailerLite email marketing services 33

  • When new subscribers join a list.
  • The anniversary of a date.
  • Exact match of a date.

Choose when to send the email and what should be the subject:

MailerLite email marketing services 34

The next steps are exactly the same as the ones above. Style your email using the drag and drop editor and choose which list to send the email.

That’s basically it!


Final Thoughts

What do you think about this tool? Isn’t it powerful?

At first, I thought that this company doesn’t have anything special to offer. Only 10 minutes after signing up for an account with them, I understood that I was wrong.

MailerLite marketing tool will save you a lot of time and automate a big part of your daily tasks.

You can send custom welcome emails and say “Hi” to all of your new members; create highly converting opt-in pages to capture more emails; send emails when a new blog post is published automatically and much more.

Get your forever free account and start sending better emails now:

MailerLite marketing tool

What company do you use for your email marketing? Share with us in the comments below:

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