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How To Create Favicon And Add It To Your WordPress Website

How to Create Favicon and Add It to Your WordPress Website

How to Create Favicon and Add It to Your WordPress Website

Branding is just as important as building your online business.

Branding is an essential part of your online journey to success. Basically, everything on your site is part of your brand. Every image you add, color you choose, text font, WordPress theme you use is a part of your branding.

Creating a custom logo won’t be enough if you want to stand out from the crowd. Sure, your logo is a great place to start but the process doesn’t end there.

Even though there are a lot of things to consider when building your brand, there is one little detail that’s often left overlooked even from large sites paying hundreds of dollars to marketing specialists.

Yes, I am talking about adding a favicon to your WordPress website.


What is a Favicon?

Site favicon is like a small version of your WordPress logo. The size is around 16×16 pixels and It appears right next to your site’s name in the browser window. Most of the people are using their logo, the first letter of the site or an image that represents the business type for that purpose. If you don’t have a favicon, a blank page will be shown instead.

The favicon also acts like an icon for mobile devices, which is really important nowadays.


Why Add Favicon to WordPress?

Is this really important?

The short answer is yes. The favicon will not only make your site look more professional, trustworthy and unique but it’s also something your visitors will going to notice.

Not only that. There are a lot of theories and articles that support the fact favicon helps for your site SEO and Google rankings.


How to Create Favicon?

The easiest way to create a favicon for your WordPress website is to shorten your logo using an online tool.

If you still don’t have a logo, make sure to check my WordPress tutorial for creating custom logo .

Or simply go to the site: and click start designing for free:

make a favicon 1

Create a free account:

make a favicon 3

Click Create Design:

make a favicon 4

Choose the size of new document your are going to create:

make a favicon 5

From the menu on the top click Insert and choose one of the options. I am going to insert Icon:

create favicon online

Select the Icon you want:

create favicon online 1

Make the background transparent:

create favicon online 2

Resize the Icon to fit the working area:

create favicon online 3

Download the Image by pressing Download button PNG image format:

create favicon online 4

Now is time to make our favicon.

Probably the best site for turning images into favicons is Go to the website and choose Every damn size, sir click on upload your image. Select the file from your computer to proceed:

create favicon online 5

If the download doesn’t automatically starts, click on this button:

create favicon online 6 will automatically create favicons in all sizes. The only thing that is left now is to actually add the favicon to your WordPress site.


How to Add Favicon to WordPress

Access your WordPress admin panel by typing Use the login details you’ve chosen during the actual installation and navigate to Appearance > Customize:

How to Make Logo 19

Click on site identity:

How to Make Logo 20

Under the section Site icon  you will find button select image:

how to create favicon 1

Select the favicon you want to upload. I will suggest uploading at least the 57×57 size, it simply looks better:

create favicon online 7

Confirm the file:

create favicon online 8

Skip the cropping if you are asked:

create favicon online 9

You are all set. Your favicon is successfully added to your WordPress site. Change it if needed and save the changes.

create favicon online 10



Extra tip: Keep in mind that different WordPress themes have different places for uploading favicons. But the steps are more or less the same. Also, most premium themes have the option to upload favicons with different sizes. Uploading favicons in different sizes will ensure your site icon will look awesome on all devices.

Final Thoughts

As you saw, creating and adding a favicon to your WordPress site is really important for your website branding. Make sure to add your favicon today by following the steps above.


What online tools are you using to make a favicon for your own website? Feel free to share with us in the comments below:

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