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How To Install WordPress Theme & Best Places To Find Free And Premium WordPress Themes

How to Install WordPress Theme & Best Places to Find Free and Premium WordPress Themes

How to Install WordPress Theme & Best Places to Find Free and Premium WordPress Themes

First impressions. They are so important.

We are surrounded by beautiful and innovative designs.

Day after day major companies are constantly working on improving the design of their products. We are seeing thinner and better-looking smartphones and laptops, slick cars, unique houses, new fashion lines, for one main reason: looks are so important.

Have you ever bumped into a site that looks so awesome? So amazing that you can’t close your browser? Because I have and asked myself questions like: who created the design of the site? or What WordPress theme is this guy using?

I might be hard if you are just starting using WordPress, but you should always strive for making your site look awesome in the eyes of your visitors.

And this doesn’t necessarily means that you have to learn how to code or become front end developer. Yes, it’s great to know how to code stuff, but if you are running an online business, you won’t probably have the time to learn HTML and CSS. There is much simpler and easier way to have slick website design. You probably already guessed it. Yes, by simply installing WordPress theme.

Before I show you where to search for the best free and premium WordPress themes, let me show you first how to actually install new WordPress theme on your website:


How to Install Free WordPress Theme on Your Website

Start by accessing your WordPress dashboard.

Type in your browser (make sure to change with your own) and use the user and pass you’ve chosen during the WordPress installation process:

how to build a website with wordpress 7

Navigate to the section Appearance > Themes > Add new:

how to build a website with wordpress 12

Here you have two options. You can either search and install free WordPress theme or install premium one by uploading the files you’ve already downloaded on your computer. Below I am going to walk you through both of the processes:


Option 1: Install Free WordPress Theme

Most of the Free WordPress themes are uploaded in repository. Meaning, they are available for installation straight from your own admin dashboard.

You can either search for themes or see most popular,latest, featured by clicking on the buttons on top:

install WordPress theme

Once you find a theme you like, you can quickly preview and install it by clicking one of the action buttons:

install WordPress themes

The installation process takes a couple of seconds, click Activate to load the theme on your site:

install WordPress theme 1

That’s it! Really easy, right?


Option 2: Install Premium WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress themes are paid themes designed by developers. The main differences between free and paid themes are the functionalities your website will acquire after installing such theme.

A lot of paid themes have different premium plugins included, allowing you to even further extend the functions of your website. Also, they have cleaner code and better-looking design; support and other perks depending on the theme you are going to choose.

Installing a premium WordPress theme is not so different from installing a free one. Here, you simply need to upload the files you’ve already downloaded on your computer.

Extra tip: Keep in mind that some free WordPress themes may not be available for installation from inside your admin panel, thus you need to follow the steps for installing a paid WordPress theme.

Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > This time, click on the Upload Theme button:

how to build a website with wordpress 13

The Choose file button will allow you to load the .zip format containing the WordPress theme files. Click the button and find the .zip file and click open:

install WordPress theme 2

You should see the .zip file loaded. Click Install Now to finish the process:

install WordPress theme 3

On the bottom left corner you can see the progress:

install WordPress theme 4

Click Activate when you see the successful screen:

install WordPress theme 5

Extra tip: Sometimes when you try to install a theme by uploading it, you might see the following errors:

install WordPress theme 6

This means that the .zip you are uploading is either not the right one, or inside that .zip there is another .zip file, which is the right one. I know that sounds a bit confusing, but I am sure you’ll understand what I mean when you access the files inside the .zip that fails to be uploaded.

If that is the case, unzip and upload only the file containing the files following the steps above.


Best Places to Find Free WordPress Themes

Like I already mentioned, most of the Free WordPress themes are already available for installation directly from inside your WordPress dashboard. The free themes you are going to see below are some of the best I’ve ever seen (especially the last 3):

If liked one of the themes above, don’t download it, simply search for it inside your Appearance > Themes > Add New to install it (see the steps above).

Still, there are a couple of sites I would love to share with you. They offer some cool free themes you might like:


Best Places to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

The options here are a lot and that’s not by accident. The popularity of WordPress is allowing thousands of developers earn a living by creating premium WordPress themes.

See the 3 best places for purchasing Premium WordPress Theme:

My personal favourites:


Final Thoughts

Like you already saw, installing WordPress theme is a really simple task. The hardest part is finding a suitable theme for your website.

There is one really online tool that can help you see what theme a WordPress site is using. The site is called

If you ever wondered what theme that awesome WordPress site is using, now is the time to find out. Just paste the URL of the site you want to scan and hit enter.

If the site is built with WordPress the tool will show you the theme and some of the plugins installed on that site.

What WordPress theme are you using on your site? Share in the comments below:

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