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How To Install WordPress On Your Hosting Account Using Softaculous

How to Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account Using Softaculous

How to Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account Using Softaculous

How to install WordPress?

As a content management system number 1 in the world, you can imagine how popular is this question among WordPress users.

A lot of people are feeling stressed when it comes down to installing WordPress on their own hosting accounts all by themselves. Which is understandable. You are new, you don’t know where to click or what to do when you are accessing your hosting account for the very first time. I got it.I know I had my doubts when I was doing the same thing for the first time. This is why here I going to show you how to install WordPress easily, on your cPanel with only a few clicks.


Installing WordPress on cPanel

There are a couple of ways to install WordPress on your Hosting Account. And the easiest one is from inside the cPanel.

But what is cPanel?

Cpanel is a web based control panel most of the hosting companies provide to help website owners better manage their online businesses.

Although the interface of all hosting providers is different, the layout of the cPanel itself is quite similar.

To access cPanel, log in your hosting user area and search for a button where it says cPanel. It should be something like this:
how to install WordPressOr something similar to this:

installing WordPress on cpanel

3 Easy Steps to Install WordPress using Softaculous

You found your way inside the cPanel of your hosting account, now what?

Easy. Find Softaculous. What is that?

Softaculous (quite difficult to pronounce) probably the most famous auto installer software widely used from the majority of the hosting companies. In short: this tool will allow you to quickly and easily install WordPress with a few clicks.


Step 1 – Find Softaculous

So, you are inside cPanel. Now the only thing that is left is to find the Softaculous icon. In most of the cases, this can be found under the section Autoinstallers:

install WordPress cpanel

Software/services or similar:

how to build a website with wordpress 3

Step 2 – Click Install WordPress

Immediately after you access the Softaculous auto-installer menu, you will notice the WordPress icon. It deserves the top position since is the most used Content Management System. Hover with the mouse over the icon and click install:

how to build a website with wordpress 4

Step 3 – Software setup

The screen you will see on this page will require a bit information:

how to build a website with wordpress 10

  • Choose protocol – Here is a great place to decide if you want to go with www. or non www. There is not much of a difference, but based on my experience I will suggest going without www. The reason for this is because I am seeing sites load faster when they go without the www.
  • Choose domain – Select your domain from the drop-down menu.
  • In directory – If you already selected your domain in the previous step, leave this section empty.
  • Site Name/Description – You can always change the info later. Of course, if you already know what should be your description, feel free to fill this form here.
  • Admin User/Pass – Make sure to change the admin user with a different one. Also, using a very strong (100/100) password is really important for the security of your website.
  • Admin email – Change this email with one you have access to.
  • Install – click the Install button to finish the installation process.

The process should finish in less than a minute. Don’t close the screen till everything is done:

how to build a website with wordpress 5

Congratulations! You are all set.:

how to build a website with wordpress 6

The new screen will show you two links. The first one is basically a link to your domain name (front page of your site). The second is the link to your WordPress admin area. You can either bookmark it or just remember that in order to access your admin area you will need to type /wp-admin after your domain name. For example (domain stands for your specific domain) If you still don’t have one, get your free domain name by purchasing a hosting with Inmotion:


Final Thoughts

Even though you can download and install WordPress manually from the official website ( Download) I don’t advise you do it, simply because is an unnecessary hassle you can easily avoid by following the instructions above.

Additionally, you can contact your host to help you install WordPress for you. Most of the companies offer free WordPress installation when purchasing a hosting account.

Comment below or shoot me an email if you have any questions struggles or you want to share you site with me:

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