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How To Make Logo For Your Own WordPress Website For Free

How to Make Logo for Your Own WordPress Website For Free

How to Make Logo for Your Own WordPress Website For Free

Everyone has the dream of an “awesome site design”.

Before you even think of starting an online business, you imagine that your website will look amazing. Slick logo, big social media buttons, custom stock photos.

But most webmasters, especially the ones that are just getting started, have a different experience. Only a day after they’ve successfully installed WordPress, they are already wondering what’s not right.

The worst thing you can do for your business is not making it unique and memorable.

And that’s not as difficult as you think.

Create your own logo, add a custom favicon, use high-quality stock images and you will be halfway done.


How to Make Logo for Your New WordPress Site

There are a lot of different ways for creating a custom logo for your own website. Experienced designers use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for creating high-quality picture perfect logos. Working with such software requires a lot of experience and knowledge, this is why the prices for such logo designs start from 100$ and above.

But if you are just getting started, and you want to keep your budget for premium themes and plugins, creating a logo on your own, for free is a great solution in the beginning. You can always rebrand your site or just upload a new logo.


Online Tolls That Will Help You Create Your Own Logo

From the numerous sites that are allowing you to create custom logos, I found only 3 that are easy to use and free. Feel free to share other sites in the comments below.


Create Custom Logo Using is a free tool that will help you make a logo online. Access the website visiting this link here:

A welcome screen will appear showing you a couple of useful tips. Click on the screen to close this section and navigate to the search bar located on the top left. Type something (eg. Apple, Fruit) and click enter:

How to Make Logo

The next screen will show you all of the results. Choose an object to use it:

How to Make Logo 1

The object you’ve chosen from the previous screen will appear inside your work area. Hover over the icon to resize it:

How to Make Logo 2

Click the color section and choose a specific color. Close it using the “X” after that:

How to Make Logo 3

Once you have the right color, click on the “T” icon to add appropriate text:

How to Make Logo 4

Use the same steps to change the color of your text:

How to Make Logo 5

When you click the text logo, new options will appear inside the top navigation. You can make your logo 3-D and also change the font:

How to Make Logo 6

To resize both the text and the object, select them with the mouse and adjust to the desired height:

How to Make Logo 7

On the top right, you can see what is the current height. Once you are satisfied with the result, save your custom logo by pressing the save icon:

How to Make Logo 8

Create Custom Logo Using is another easy to use online tool that will allow you to create free custom logo. Access the website: Type you company, or website name, choose category and click start:

How to Make Logo 9

The next page will show you a couple of options from the category you’ve previously choosen. Select one of the designs or change the category and proceed:

How to Make Logo 10

Editor will appear allowing you to add text, shapes, change colors:

How to Make Logo 11

You can arrange the elements in a different way, aslo change the font of the text. Once you are satisfied, click on the save icon below:

How to Make Logo 12

On the next screen click download. A pop-up message will appear asking for your name and email. Click OK. The logo you’ve just designed will be send to the email address:

How to Make Logo 13

Access your email to download the logo:

How to Make Logo 14


Create Custom Logo Using

Another great site that can help you create free logo for your WordPress website is

Access the site and choose type of graphic to customize:

How to Make Logo 15

Scroll down to the footer section to choose a category and select one of the icons:

How to Make Logo 16

Here you have a couple of options. To swap the colors, to completely change the colors and to donwload the final result:

How to Make Logo 17

A registration is required, in order to download the logo. Create free account to proceed:

How to Make Logo 18

The option above won’t allow you to add text. Luckily, the site provides another option, where you can add your site name and choose a design to download on your computer:

How to Make Logo 22


Extra tip: Make sure the background of the logo is transparent. Otherwise, it won’t be displayed properly when the logo is uploaded. Also, if the logo you’ve just created needs resizing, use on of these sites to lower the size:


How to Upload Logo to Your WordPress Website?

Ok, you’ve just created you own logo. But how to load this logo to the actual site?

The section where you can upload a custom logo to your WordPress website largely depends on the WordPress theme you are using. In most of the cases, this option present when you access Appearance > Customize:

How to Make Logo 19

Site Identity:

How to Make Logo 20

Click Upload:

How to Make Logo 21

Just find the logo, upload it and save.


Final Thoungs

You can spend a lot of time thinking and designing the pefrect logo. And in the end, you may still hate what you’ve created. I know because I’ve been in this position.

My best advice will be to find inspiration in sites like these: Design Trends; Awwwards Logos; 365cons.

Or simply search in google: logo design inspiration.

Hopefully, you’ve learned how to make logo for your WordPress website. Comment below if you need further assistance designing your own logo.

What tool or software are you using to create logo for your site?

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    1. You start with the idea. Think about what type of logo you want to create and use a tool to create the logo you want.

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