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How To Make Money Online From Home? Essential Online Business Models And 23 Ideas To Choose From

How to Make Money Online From Home? Essential Online Business Models and 23 ideas to Choose From

How to Make Money Online From Home? Essential Online Business Models and 23 ideas to Choose From

Are you ready to show the world what are your special talents?

The world is becoming digital. More and more people are spending time online. Whether this will be on social media, shopping, watching videos, reading content.

In 2000 about 361 million people where online worldwide. In 2014, over 3 billion . That’s a growth rate of 764%.

Today, more than half of the world is online.


Should I care? – you ask?

On average, people are spending around 30 hours online per month. And what are they doing? Well, most of them are shopping.

In 2014 the total of online sales, for both goods and services in Europe is 364 billion euro. Now, it’s probably double.

If you are a business owner or someone who wants to know how to make money online from home, all these people are your potential customers.

So yes, if you want a piece of that billion euro (or dollar) pie, yes, you should care.

As time goes one, people will continue to use the internet, and now is the best time to show your talents or start your online business.


But, I don’t know what type of business to start?

That’s the hardest part.
You see this tremendous potential, but you are not quite sure what to do about it.

I will be happy to help you. Here I am going to list 6 essential online business models and 23 ideas for starting home based business with WordPress – today.

Read through the tips here, and find a suitable idea that fit’s you best. But before you do, a quick note from me.

Starting an online home based business it’s something you should definitely do today. It’s fun, challenging, huge learning experience, definitely hard but most importantly achievable. Contact me personally (here), if you have questions or doubts about this. I will be happy to help you out.


8 Essential Online Business Models:

1) Content creator

Blogger or a podcaster who regularly publish articles, record audios or videos on a certain topic. This guy is constantly on a look out for new, fresh ideas for a useful content of any kind. The content creator may publish eBooks, write for other sites, review products to earn commissions from affiliate sales, create courses or memberships sites.

Potential income streams: 

  • Affiliate sales from recommended products
  • Sale books on amazon
  • Advertisement
  • Paid courses.


2) Collector

Someone who collects resources on specific topic and puts them in one place. This guy spends a lot of time putting together the perfect list of products, articles, and services in a specific niche. Such sites can become extremely popular without much effort.

Potential income streams:

  • Affiliate sales
  • Advertisement
  • Hire me

3) Personal consultant

A leader, an expert that teaches other people how they become better in their lives or business industries. From marketing expert to personal fitness coach. The personal consultant might teach you how to sell more, live healthier or improve your social life.

Potential Income Streams:

  • Paid courses
  • Publish books


4) Freelancer

Uses his special skills to get the job done. Freelancer may create simple sites to list their own skills and show lists of projects they have previously worked on. Depending on the skill set, a freelancer may be a web developer, content marketer, virtual assistant, app developer or other.

Potential Income Streams:

  • Payments for project
  • Recurring payments for maintaining sites (or other)


5) Craftsman

A talented person who creates paintings, photographs, jewelry and sales them online or offline. The craftsman is a gifted artist who can turn a piece of wood into something others will want to possess. The web is a great place for such people because it allows them to show their talents to a wider audience.

Potential Income Streams:

  • Sales from products
  • Opportunity to work on a large projects


6) Problem solver

The problem solver creates products or services that can help many other people solve an important problem. A lot of people in this category are using Kickstarter to fund their projects. These individuals (or group of people) are very talented and are similar to the craftsman. However, their focus is on innovation or large scale businesses.

Potential Income Streams:

  • Recurring payments
  • Sales from services
  • Paid courses


7) Merchant

Starting your own store where you can sell physical products has never been easier. A Merchant is a person who resells or creates and sales physical goods through his online store. A lot of people in this niche purchase white label products and only put their brand.

Potential Income Streams:

  • Sales of products
  • Advertisements


8) Owners

Owners are people who already have physical businesses and they want to use the web to scale and grow their brands.  Some of them may have sweet shops or coffee shops; they may be accredited lawyers, accountants or expert in different fields. Since they spend some time on the market, and they have a certain reputation already built, the potential growth for those people is huge.

Potential Income Streams:

  • Recurring payments
  • Paid consulting


How to choose business models that fit you?

If you haven’t already found yourself among one of the above-listed business models, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • What fits me best? – Find the thing that best describes you. Each person possesses specific talents and strengths. What are yours?
  • Think long term – Let’s imagine for a second that your business is successful and growing. A couple of people are working for you and everything seems great. But there is something deep inside that bothers you: you are sick of what you’re doing. How come? The business is growing, right? Before you start, make sure that you love what you are going to do. Otherwise, you may be stuck managing something you hate.
  • The one million dollar question – If you have one million dollars to start a business, what would you do? The answer to this questions will give you directions on what business to focus on.

After covering the main business models, let me give you a few ideas that will help you unleash your creativity:


23 ideas to make money online from home:

Ideas for Content creator:

1) Blogger

What? A blog? Can I really make money blogging?

Yes, you can. The important thing here is to focus on a specific topic. Don’t write about what are you doing everyday. Or less, of course, you are not already a celebrity.

Create a blog site devoted to a certain topic, and write case studies, how to tutorials, guides and etc. If you are doing the job right, people will want more and more. Soon, you can launch your own product or service.

Famous blog sites:


2) Podcaster

Don’t feel like writing? No worries. There’s still something you can do.

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular. Actually, most of the famous bloggers are starting their own podcast, alongside their blog. And it makes a lot of sense. There too much content to be consumed. Going audio, allows people to listed you on a go.

The idea here is basically the same as becoming a blogger. You need to focus on a problem or a question and provide a suitable solution through your content.

Famous podcast sites:


3) Online magazine

Starting an online magazine or a newspaper site is actually not a bad idea.

You may cover stories and events that are happening in your city or school. Interview famous town folks and show what places people can visit nearby.

Or, you can create a site that highlights news and events in a topic you are really interested in, like technology, movies or cars.

For this type of site, you may wanna consider working with other people because the amount of content that needs producing will be huge.

Famous magazine sites:


4) Review site

Before you buy something, doesn’t matter online of offline, what do you do? You ask those people, that already possess this item what do they think of it. You will most probably watch video review, find a comparison between the product or read a simple blog post.

If you want to share your opinion about certain products, starting a review site is a great opportunity.

I’ve actually made one for WordPress Themes and Plugins reviews:

Review site doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to start a site. If you are a video expert, you can upload your videos on Youtube and earn money from advertisement.

Famous review sites:


5) Traveler

You are a vivid traveler who does not stay much at home. Show other people where you’ve been.

Starting a travel site will not only make you money, but it can also help you organize all the places you’ve visited. Which is great to keep your memories.

Famous travel sites:


6) Fashion Guru

Do you spend more than 60% of your time wondering what to wear and how to combine the clothes you have? Fashion website should be the thing for you. The fashion industry is one of the most popular industry all over the world. People are searching for new, cool trends. “What to wear” – will always be something people will look for, just find your own niche and write about it.

Famous fashion sites:


Ideas for Collector Business Type

7) Recipes

You can easily become the next Jamie Oliver, online, if you know your way to the kitchen.

Like, what to wear and buy, people are also looking for what to eat.

If you give fresh ideas for recipes to people, I’m sure that will sooner or later fell in love with your site. And do you know what will be even better? Showing people how to cook their dinner by recording videos.

Famous cooking sites:


8) List must have tools

There are a lot of people that are looking for tools that can help them achieve their goals. Why not be the person who will give them all the goods in one place?

There are a lot of options for this kind of site. The ones you will see below will give you a better understanding of what you need to do.

Famous listing sites:


Ideas for Personal consultant

9) Professional fitness trainer

You love working out and eating healthy? Why don’t you help other people become slimmer and healthier?

Teach people how they can lose weight and become stronger. Create a website based on these two topics: exercises and healthy food. The potential of such sites is huge.

Famous fitness trainers sites:


10) Life coach

Success, relationships, lifestyle, business, if these are only a few of the words that are describing you, share your experience with the world.

There are already a lot of people teaching people how to live better. If you want to become one of these people, make sure to tell people why they should choose you!

Famous life coach sites:


Ideas for freelancer

10) DIY coach

A lot like a personal coach, the DIY freelancer is a tech savvy person who can teach others how to use Illustrator, Photoshop or other software.

Famous DIY sites:


12) Logo designer

You can easily find your way online If you are an artist, who is using Photoshop or Illustrator to create amazing vectors designs.

There are a lot of people that are willing to pay good money for cool icons that they can use for their next project.

Famous logo designer sites:


13) Personal site

If you are already an expert in a specific category, just list all of your capabilities in one-page site, something like a resume. Highlight your skills and projects you’ve worked on.

Famous personal sites:


Ideas for Craftsman

14) Photographer

The need of high-quality images is growing with each new website. Having only great content isn’t enough to impress today’s readers, you need something more: Content with awesome pictures. Why don’t supply those images to all the people looking for them?

Famous photographer sites:


15) Handmade jewelry, clothes or…

If you are a craftsman, I am sure you know you have it in you since you were a little child.

Use this talent to create your own online business. Create your own personal site that will teach people how they can become good as you, or even better, sell your own products.

Famous sites offering handmade stuff:


Ideas for Problem solver

16) WordPress maintenance

WordPress is content management system number 1 in the world. More than 26% of the websites around the world are using it, which is a great opportunity for WordPress experts to start maintenance service.

A lot of people using this CMS don’t have enough time to make updates or backups, this is where you came in. Start your own WordPress support service to help people maintain their online business.

Famous WordPress services sites:


17) Inventor

You are an engineer, inventor, you want to make the world a better place. People like you no longer have to save money all their lives to build something amazing. You can use platforms like kickstarted to fund your project and make it a reality.

Famous projects:


18) How to make a garden

You are vivid botanic, love planting seeds and taking care of your garden. Or you know all about different trees and flowers, or both. You know what to do! Share all this knowledge with the world and help other people plant their own seeds.

Famous gardening sites:


Ideas for Merchant

19) Health Shop

Do you love eating healthy? Open your own shop and sell healthy products.

Famous health shops:


20) Online Store

WordPress using WooCommerce or eCommerce plugins has no limitations for type of shop you can create.

The internet is allowing virtually everyone to become a shop owner and sell or resell goods of his choice.

It doesn’t mean that you need to start with a lot of products. Start small and expand the brand when it grows.

Famous small online stores:


Ideas for Owners

21) Lawyer

If you already work in a law firm, create your personal site and offer your services to people looking for legal advice online.

Lawyer sites:


22) Accountant

Same as the lawyer. Managing your accounting can be mind blowing. Offer your services to other online sites, stores.

Аccounting sites:


23) Your own business

If you are a business owner offline, and if you haven’t already created a site for it, you are missing big times.

Get your brand online as soon as possible and I am sure you will see results not long after.


Other ideas?

What other ideas or online business models you’ve seen browsing the web? I am curious to hear what are your thoughts and observations.


Final Thoughts

The potential opportunities are humongous.

You can do whatever you want, be whatever you want, create whatever you want.

Building your dream job and living the lifestyle you’ve always imagined has never been so reachable.

The only questions is “Are you willing to do what it takes to get there?”

Sure, it might be hard in the beginning, when you are just starting with WordPress. But that’s not the hardest part.

Choosing a business model that feels right for you, solving a problem and working hard to implement this idea into a website, these are the things that truly matter.

Everything else can be learned throughout the way.

Are you thinking of starting an online business? What is your biggest fear or struggle?

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