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How To Submit Site To Search Engines And Increase Your Website Traffic And Rankings

How to Submit Site to Search Engines and Increase Your Website Traffic and Rankings

How to Submit Site to Search Engines and Increase Your Website Traffic and Rankings

You’ve successfully installed WordPress and you already started building your online business.

But is that all?

Building highly successful online business it’s something really complexed requiring a lot of knowledge and skills. Luckily we have a lot of WordPress tutorials that can help us manage our website better.

Once the actual site has been established and all must have plugins are in place, there is one extra thing that will require our attention in the future. Do you know what it is?

Yes, you guessed it right, traffic!

Bringing more and more people to your site is probably the most important part of building a successful business.

Although this topic can’t be covered in only one article, the first steps for increasing the traffic to your site is to submit your website to the major search engines. As you probably already know, the major search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In this detailed WordPress tutorial, I will show you how to easily submit URL to search engines step-by-step.

This kind of process it’s not only easy to follow but it’s also totally free to submit a site to search engines. Let’s begin:


Why submit your site to the search engines?

The answer to this question is really simple

Major struggle for every website owner is getting more organic traffic. By organic I mean, free traffic to your site without paying for google, facebook or tweeter ads. This is why everybody are searching for the best practices to follow when it comes down to creating a successful online business.

By submitting your site to the major search engines you are notifying them that there is a new website on the block. Basically, you are poking google to list your site in their searches.

Even though when you manually submit a site to search engines this doesn’t immediately list all of your pages. But, this is something really important because otherwise, it might take months till your site is listed in the search results.

Google Yahoo and Bing are the main search engines you want you website to be listed in. Of course, the leader here is Google, which should be your main priority.


How to Submit Site To Yahoo

Yahoo search engine submission has been changed since 2010. Yahoo is currently powered by Microsoft Bing search engine, meaning that when you list your site to Bing, using your Microsoft account, this will also submit it to Yahoo. Just follow the steps below to submit your website to both Yahoo and Bing.


How to Submit Site To Bing

You can very easily submit URL to Bing search engine. Go to the submit site URL page > Type your domain > Type the characters from the picture > Click Submit:

free search engine submission

You should see a successful message like the one below. Additionally, you can easily create Bing Webmaster tools account by clicking on the corresponding button:

submit website to search engines


How to Submit Site To Google

Although Google is an extremely complex search engine, the submission process is really straightforward.

Go to the Google URL submitting page > Add your URL > Complete the captcha > Click Submit. Note: You have to be logged into your Google account to complete this:

submit website to search engines 1

A successful message like the one below should appear:

submit website to search engines 2

Final Thoughts

Free search engine submission should be one of your top priorities after reading the getting started with WordPress Guide.

By submitting your URL, all major search engines, more importantly, Google, will know that your site exists. Soon, your pages will be indexed by google and appear in the search results. Keep in mind that this process requires time and constant content updates.

Did you submit your site to all major Search Engines? If not, how I can help you with that?

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