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How To Find  Your WordPress  Login URL And Make Sure You Won’t Forget It

How to Find Your WordPress Login URL and Make Sure You Won’t Forget It

How to Find  Your WordPress  Login URL and Make Sure You Won’t Forget It

Using WordPress for the first time? If you are, I am sure you will have plenty of questions.

Although installing WordPress with Softaculous is relatively an easy task, this is only one of the steps to enter the world of online business owners.

There are a lot of things you need to consider before you actually install WordPress, like what should I write for, what plugins I’ve to install, how to make money blogging.

There are also things like: what should be my site about, or what hosting package should I choose.

All of the above should be well thought before you even think about WordPress.

Once you’re ready with your business model and you know what people you will target is time to get started.

Can I tell you a secret?

One of the most asked question from people just getting started with WordPress is: What is my WordPress login URL?

In this quick tutorial, I am going to show you how to easily login to WordPress site and make sure you never forget this page.

Let’s begin:


How to find your WordPress login URL

You already know your domain name right?

Your domain is half of what is needed to find  your WordPress login URL. The other half? Read below:

By default, to access WordPress admin page you will need to type: admin/login/wp-admin after your domain in the browser. For example:

You can also try with www. in front:, it doesn’t make a difference.

All of the above redirect to the same page, this one:

how to build a website with wordpress 7

Additionally, you can bookmark this page so you can easily return to it.

If you are using Chrome, just click the start icon on the top right:

login to WordPress site

Check these steps here for the other browsers: Mozilla Firefox/Safari/ Internet explorer.

Now the thing that is left is to use the login details you choose when installing WordPress.

If you are not quite sure what is the password, on that same window, click Lost your password > Enter your username or email > Get new password:

login to WordPress site 1

Check your email for the password reset email.


How to Find Your WordPress Login URL When Using Subdomain

If you are a proud user of WordPress on a subdomain, to access WordPress login page you will need to follow the same logic. Simply add admin/login or wp-admin after the actual subdomain. For example:

Some of you might be using WordPress in a folder, which is different from subdomain. To access the admin section, use the following URL:


One More Thing

I know how frustrating it is to type down your user and pass every single day. That’s why I will suggest ticking the box; Remember me on the admin page. Next time when you go to your WordPress login page, your details will be automatically field and the only thing that is left is to press Log in:

login to WordPress site 7

Next time when try logging in to your WordPress login page, your details will be automatically field and the only thing that is left is to press Log in:


How to Add Login Form on Your Main Site

Although, adding login form directly on your WordPress site is not something I would recommend, it’s a good idea to do it if you are just getting started. This way, you will get used to the admin URL for the future.

There are couple of ways to add your WordPress admin URL:

1) Add login link to your footer:

Login inside your WordPress admin area and navigate to the Appearance > Widgets > Find the widget called meta, move it to the footer section > Add title and save the changes:

login to WordPress site 2

Now go to your site and scroll all the way down to the footer section, here you will see the login URL:

login to WordPress site 3


2) Add WordPress login link to your sidebar:

Again, access your Widget section, this time, add the meta inside your sidebar:

login to WordPress site 4

When you go to your website you can easily login, by pressing the button:

login to WordPress site 5


3) Add WordPress admin URL in your menu:

To add WordPress login URL section inside your navigation, go to Appearance > Menus > Choose custom links > Type; add appropriate text > Click add to menu > Save it:

login to WordPress site 12

Now, inside your navigation bar, you will see the item you’ve just added. When you click it you will be redirected to your WordPress admin page.


How to Add WordPress Login form wherever you want on your site

Besides the options I should you above, there is another, much more customizable, way to login to your WordPress.

Installing the plugin Profile Builder will allow you to put login forms everywhere on your site.

Go to plugins > Add New > Search for Profile Builder > Install now:

login to WordPress site 8

Dismiss the notice > Find Profile builder section > Basic Information:

login to WordPress site 9

On this page, under section Login, copy the shortcode:

login to WordPress site 10

Paste it inside your sidebar, footer or directly inside new page:

login to WordPress site 13

When you are logged out from your WordPress and visit the page, you will see the following form:

login to WordPress site 11

This plugin is a great solution if you have multiple people that are accessing your site.


Final Thoughts

If you are new to all of this, just remember that by default the admin page of all WordPress sites can be reached by typing admin/login or wp-admin after the domain name.

Another really easy way to see what is your WordPress login URL, is durring the installation of it.

Right after the successful installation, you will see this screen:

how to build a website with wordpress 6


As you can see, your WordPress login URL is listed under administrative URL.

Don’t forget to comment below if you have questions:

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