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How To Write The Perfect WordPress Article Faster

How To Write the Perfect WordPress Article Faster

How To Write the Perfect WordPress Article Faster

How in the world do they do it?

Day after day, bloggers write huge blog posts that are extremely helpful, easy to read and get tons of social shares.

Believe me, it’s not that easy, even for people doing this on a regular basis. Creating content, especially good content it’s hard work. It takes a lot of time and a lot of research.

A blog post on WordPress is something more than words. Your content should be meaningful, entertaining, SEO optimized, easy to read and most importantly helpful.

So, how in the world people write and publish huge, detailed articles, pretty much every day?

The secret: To write the perfect WordPress article, these people follow a specific structure that guides them through the process step-by-step.

Want to know the secret to writing the perfectly SEO, image and content optimized articles?

In this “Oh my god I don’t believe I didn’t do that before tutorial” you will find detailed step-by-step process that will help you write the perfect WordPress article on your personal or business site.

Ready? Let’s go:


1. Find out what are you going to write about and search for similar articles to “steal” ideas

Before you even think of writing a singe word, you should take the time and think of something to write about, right? And of course, your topic should be relevant to your website goals, something that will help your readers.

Think about what you would want the people reading your article to learn or understand. How will this help them in their life or business?

If your website is about healthy living, write a post about eating healthy or how to get more sleep in less time.

One of the best sites to research for your next article is Quora.

Quora is a website where real people ask real question and can get answers from different people. The great think about this is site is that you can see how popular different topic is.

Access the site > Create an account by using your FaceBook, Google+ or simply enter your email:

How to write an article

Start typing into the search bar on the top to find categories that will suit your needs:

How to write an article 1

Once you found something you like, see how popular this question is. Click on the headline, now see how many people are following the conversation and how many answers there is:

How to write an article 2

Needless to say that the more followers and answers a certain topic has, the chances people who are already reading your site will love it.

One more think that will help you create amazing content on your WordPress site is to search in Google for similar articles and “steal” ideas. See what other people are writing, see what are they focusing on and pinpoint things you can do better.


You found what should be your next article about? Great. We still have a lot to discuss so let’s proceed to step 2:


2. Keyword Research

Ok, we are going to write about running outdoors and more specifically about: “how to increase your running stamina and strength”.

Let see how many people are searching for this specific phrase and find out what should be our main keyword.

Access google Keyword planner. You can use this link here: Google Keyword Tool. Sign in with your Google profile:

How to write an article 10

Click on: ‘Search for a new keyword using a phrase” > add your phrase > set your target audience > click Get ideas:

How to write an article 3

All keyword ideas will be listed below with additional information right next to each of them. The more average monthly searches a keyword has, the better. However, keep in mind that phrases with only 1 or 2 words are not a good pick. Choose more specific keywords, composed from at least 4-5 words. In this particular example, the best keyword I can see is “ways to increase stamina”. With 140 average monthly searches and Low ranking, this keyword it’s also great for a headline. The one I am going to use will be: 

“10 Simple Ways to Increase Stamina While Running Outdoors.”

Additionally, save 3 or 4 phrases from the search you just made, to use them later in your actual blog post. I am going to save these 3 below:

  • Stamina building exercises – 110; low
  • Endurance running training – 110; low
  • How increase stamina – 30; low


3. Write Detailed Content Around the Keyword you’ve Chosen

As i already mentioned, it’s a good idea to search in Google for similar articles. Besides finding ideas you can use for the text, you can also find great examples for an original headline.

Go to > Search using the keyword phrase you are going to write about:

How to write an article 5

This will give you great ideas for a catchy title of your blog post.

Once you are ready to write. Follow these guides to create better article, faster:

  • Start with a clear idea. What message you want to convey to your visitors?
  • Make a list of things you want to include in your blog post.
  • Include your main keyword at least 5-6 times in your post. Also, don’t forget to include other similar phrases.
  • Link to other articles in your website or to other sites that might be helpful to your visitors.
  • Install SEO by Yoast plugin and don’t forget to add a meta description, SEO title, focus keyword. Read this tutorial if you need assistance with the setup: Top Free WordPress plugins.

We have something to write for and a great low competition keyword to write it around.

Now you can open a new post and start writing the content.


4. Find High-quality Images That Resonate With the Text

You can’t write the perfect article without adding multimedia. Whether this will be images or videos, embedded or not, adding multimedia files that correlate with your words is the best combination ever.

This will help your readers better understand the message you are trying to send or sell the product you offer, and on top of that, this will lower your bounce rate.

So, where can I find cool free high-quality images?

I’ve prepared a list of the best sites to find high-quality images:


5. Optimize the Images Before Uploading

Wait, don’t upload the images yet!

If you are going to use photos from the sites I’ve shared with you above, you will soon reach the limit on your hosting provider and your site will start loading very slow, which is not cool. That’s why there are two things you need to do before you start uploading images inside your post:

  1. Change the size to fit your post
  2. Smush the image

Both of the things will significantly reduce the size of the image you are going to upload. Here is how you can do it:

If you are using Windows, right click on the image you are going to use > Open with Paint > Resize > Pixels > Change the horizontal, which will change also the vertical height > Save the changes:

How to write an article 7

Now I am going to show you how to reduce the size of your images using an online tool called TinyPNG.

How to write an article 8

Access the site: > Drag your file here > Download your optimized image when the process finishes:

How to write an article 9

If you are not satisfied with the size, you can repeat the process a couple of times. However, don’t smush the same picture more than 3 times because it won’t look pretty after the 5-th time.


6. Edit the article and Make Final Adjustments

You have your title, the text + you’ve added high-quality and optimized images. Now is the time to finalize your blog post.

Make your content readable. Don’t add a wall of text that no one will going to understand. Most of the people are only scrolling through the text. Actually, according to NNgroup, only 20% of the people are reading the words on a page. That’s why you need to make an extremely easy to understand and follow structure.

Add sections, bullets, lists, headlines. People should understand your message by only reading through your headlines.


7. Publish and Promote

Once you hit publish, don’t end everything there.

Writing, editing and publishing an article is only half of the process. Once your post is live, promote it.

Share it in social media, encourage more people to do the same by adding social media buttons. Additionally, if you added links from different sites, you can send an email to the person managing the site. Tell him that you’ve linked to his site and ask him for a favor: to link back to your site, to share it on social media, to add a comment if appropriate.

Promoting your articles is very important for the overall success of your site.


Final Thoughts

Even if you are not a writer by heart, you can still produce great content that people will love to read, only by following the steps above. Use them every time when you are going to write a new post and soon you will see improvement.

You will finish your articles faster and they will get the attention they deserve.

I am not a writer too, you know. However, using this step-by-step process while writing my post I was able to create really long articles that get a lot of attention. Also, bring organic traffic to my sites.

Do you follow specific steps when you write new posts? Share with us in the comments below:

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